Harvest Meats is a full service halal butcher shop located in the Greater Toronto Area. For many years we have served the halal community with quality organic halal meats. In the year 2010, we established a store on Yongue Street in Aurora(five minutes north of Richmond Hill) and we have been there ever since. Customers from all over the GTA from areas such as Mississauga, Newmarket, and Brampton come to our store as they can taste our dedication to quality.

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All our animals are raised without the use of antibiotics and are raised with care and love. We have vertically integrated in that we raise the cattle on our own farms and we supervise the slaughter to ensure it is 100% halal. All animals are hand slaughtered and we meet the strictest halal compliance regulations.

Our Team at Harvest Meats is fully trained and can provide meat the way you like. The head butcher has been in the business for 35 years. Our team also prepares meat pies daily, free range organic eggs and we also sell burgers made from our organic meat . Come check us out and we will be pleased to serve you.

Halal Chicken

To ensure we have the best tasting chickens, we feed our chickens grains and air chill them. Air chilling the chickens makes a large difference as it improves the freshness of the taste. We are able to cut the chickens any way you like and can even do the butterfly cut for easy grilling.

Halal Lamb and Goat

Our lamb and goats are grain fed making them taste fresh. We do not use older lamb and by using younger lamb we can achieve a better taste than other halal meat shops.

Halal Turkey

During Thanksgiving, our halal turkeys are all the craze. Raised with care, we are sure they will be the best turkey you ever had. Tip: Ask for the special cranberry sauce and your taste buds will surely be blown away. Book your halal turkey now!