“The meat from Halal Harvest Meats was the best I have ever tasted. I have been buying from the same meat store for many years when a friend of mine told me that I should go to Harvest and try theirs. She was raving to me about the quality and how everything tasted more “natural”. Thinking that it would be just another regular halal meat shop, I ended up going and purchasing some meat.  After cooking it, I was amazed at how tender and soft it became and the taste was amazing. I will definitely be back to purchase more.” – Khadija

“As I was searching for a meat store online I came across Harvest Halal Meats.  Located in Aurora they were a bit far for me but I thought, if the meat is good, it is definitely worth it. When I walked in, I was surprised how clean the store was and how it did not smell like a usual meat store.  The butcher was very friendly and told me about his experiences in the industry. I ended up buying some ribeye steaks and they were top steakhouse quality. Finally I found real quality halal steaks and inshallah I will be back for more.” – Mohamed

“It was two days before thanksgiving and I decided that I would like to make turkey for my guests coming over, but there was one problem, I did not know a good place to purchase halal turkey. After a quick google search, I came across Harvest Halal Meats. I drove done to see them and was pleasantly surprised about the customer service which many of the halal meat shops in Toronto lack. Two days later, I served my guests the Turkey and they were impressed. The meat shop also carries the turkey stuffing and cranberry sauce which I served to the guests. I recommend every person who purchases Halal meat to check Harvest Halal Meats. You will be more than satisfied for sure.” – Ahmad