In the Holy Quran, Allah states:

These things alone he has forbidden to you: What is already dead, blood, the flesh of swine, what has been offered up to other than Allah.

Al-Anam 6:145

All Muslims around the world are instructed in the holy Quran to eat only foods that are permissible (halal). In order for the meat to be halal, it must be slaughtered according to strict religious guidelines also known as zabihah. Below are the requirements for the halal slaughtering process:

  1. Allah’s name must be recited before the the knife is used to slaughter the animal
  2. The knife must be razor sharp as to cause the animal little pain and to ensure a quick slaughter
  3. The animal must be alive and healthy prior to the slaughter. (All our animals are inspected beforehand to make sure they are 100% healthy)
  4. All the blood must be fully drained and to achieve this we hang the animal upside down.
  5. The slaughterer must be muslim and must be compassionate to the animals.
  6. The animal’s diet must only contain foods that are natural in its diet (organic). Animal by-products being fed to livestock makes the meat harram or impermissible.

Why Is Halal Healthier

Halal meat is healthier because of two reasons. The first reason is that Almighty God mandates that animals are 100% healthy before being slaughtered. Countless times in mass animal farm operations, many sick animals are sent to the slaughter house. Like they say, “you are what you eat”. If you eat an unhealthy animal, it is possible that the sickness/ailment could also enter your body.

Halal meat is also healthier because the animal’s diet is natural. Large animal factory farms feed their livestock unnatural products such as animal by-products that will fatten them up faster. Here at Harvest Halal Meats, our animals are fed only what is grown on our farms. You can be sure that the meat you are purchasing from Harvest Halal Meats is the purest it can be.

In order to ensure you are getting Halal meat, you should go to a trusted butcher. Based on our Testimonials, it can be seen that the Muslim community loves our halal meat. As they say, “Love at first bite”.