Harvest Halal meats is dedicating to raising animal naturally unlike other halal meat stores. As an antibiotic free meat supplier all animal feed is natural. We do not use antibiotics and all animals are allowed to graze in the fields. Our cattle is grass fed and are allowed to roam anywhere on our farms. The farms are owned by us so we have complete control on what the animals eat. Hay which is fed to cows during the winter is also grown on our farms and no pesticides are used in this process. Below is a summary of why we should be your only halal meat butcher in Toronto:

Natural Diet

A great tasting steak all depends on what the cow consumes. Since the grass our fields are high in nutrients, the cattle end up healthy and strong. If you find your meat tasting gamey or meaty, most likely it is the reason of low quality feed. 

We are Against the Use of Antibiotics in Our Meat

All our meat is raised without the use of antibiotics. When animals are not allowed to roam freely it is easier for them to get sick, which is why large factory farms use antibiotics. At Harvest Halal meats we ensure each animal can live and roam happily throughout the fields – Trust me you can taste the difference. 

One Hundred Percent Halal

Harvest Halal Meats is muslim operated and we follow the strictest guidelines when it comes to animal slaughter. Everything is hand slaughtered and the animals are treated humanely. We raise the animals all the way from birth up until we take them to a slaughterhouse and the slaughter is done by a muslim.